Who it Work For?

The wavelength of the laser emitted for hair removal is optimal for light pigment skin with dark hair. Skin with darker pigment can be difficult for the light to travel through and effectively reach the hair shaft. This concept also pertains to those who are commonly light pigmented but have been tanning recently since sunlight pulls melanin to the skin’s surface to serve as protection. Laser hair removal is ideal for areas with less melanin and dense hair because it reaches more follicles per action to include hair that has not reached the surface.

What to Expect?

Our hair is constantly changing from a number of factors that make us who we are, it’s in our DNA. It is this diversity that makes proper hair removal through electrolysis a process. As our body reacts to different situations such as hormones, medications, weight and even our genes, our hair growth pattern changes and may activate dormant hair follicles.

The complex nature of hair growth controls the number of sessions required to reach your personal preference of hair removal. Generally, each session can result in a 10% – 25% reduction in hair growth. We recommend a monthly or bi-monthly schedule depending on your body’s reaction for a length of 12 months. Each treatment can also result in lighter, finer hair as you work with us for complete and permanent results. Corlase Electrolysis & Laser’s goal is to see this process though to ensure complete satisfaction.

Each individual has a different tolerance level, and that is taken into account at CHRC. Laser hair removal can be described as causing a sunburn like sensation, very few clients need this because of the comfort of our laser. Topical desensitizing creams can be applied to help ease the sensation. These are all natural reactions from the stimulus applied the skin and can be eased with the use of an ice pack and over-the-counter pain relievers. In order to prevent any additional reaction, it is critical that you inform us of any medical conditions, medications, supplements, lotions and oils.

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