A True Feeling of Comfort and Confidence

"Corlase Electrolysis & Laser has given me a true feeling of comfort and confidence. Not only has Dana made me feel good about my hair removal decisions, the environment in her practice makes my sessions very pleasurable. I am so glad I choose Corlase Electrolysis & Laser for my hair removal and skin treatments."

-Denise Whitley, Raleigh, NC

A True-Blue Professional

"Without hesitation, I would refer anyone interested in laser hair removal to chose Dana Begley of Corlase Electrolysis & Laser. It seems everyone is offering laser hair removal from dermatology offices to plastic surgeons. I have been a guinea pig and tried several laser hair removal clinics in this area and am SO grateful I found Dana Begley. I can tell you what I learned (by trial and error) to look for in order of priority:

  1. I know now to ask myself... how likely is it that this person is going to burn my skin? How experienced are they? How good is their laser machine? Are they certified? How stringent is his/her certification? and if you are wondering, of course, you can get burned, that's you sign a waiver at any place you go.
  2. How much will it hurt?
  3. How expensive is it and will your money spend get results?
  4. Getting treatment is rather (understatement) embarrassing...I ask myself, does this person have any clue or compassion for how vulnerable clients are emotionally both by the embarrassment of having the treatments but also by what they've gone through that made them seek laser hair removal in the first place. In other words, does the person understand that a woman in our western society with more hair than eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe some hair on her head is basically scorned as unfeminine and walks into the office with a lot of baggage?

The moment I spoke to Dana on the phone and then in person, I knew she was a true-blue professional. Her machine is excellent and gets amazing results with MUCH less pain than other machines. If you can't decide, I would encourage everyone to take the time and go to at least 3 or 4 different clinics and decide for yourself. If I have done this, I would have saved so much money, time, and pain 9oh, did I mention pain?"

-Julie, Cary, NC

Satisfied Customer Corlase Electrolysis & Laser

Expertise, Commitment, Professionalism and Character

"Expertise, commitment, professionalism, and character - these are traits one would look for in any person. Dana Begley possesses all of these fine qualities. I have known Ms. Begley for many years on a professional level and now a personal level as well. She exemplifies dedication to whatever she pursues and I have seen her succeed in many instances. Dana has substantial "people" skills. I have seen her converse with her customers in the

Dana has substantial "people" skills. I have seen her converse with her customers in the Ohio area and she has done this with equal ease and charm. I can assure you that there is a core strength in Dan's ability to manage a business and work with the customers.

As you may already know, Dana has worked on her profession, one that she admires. She has great enthusiasm, leadership, and dedication that I feel would be an asset to anyone's business.

In short, I heartily recommend Dana Begley to you, for her knowledge in hair removal, her ability to deal with people's needs, her business sense and her approach to dealing with life's vagaries. I hope you will allow Ms. Begley an opportunity to demonstrate her qualities. I am sure she will surpass all expectation set for her."


I recommend Dana to anyone who will listen!!

Her attention to detail is unreal.  I have struggled with ingrowns my entire life and she took the time to hear my concerns and make sure I felt comfortable. The experience has made me confident in pursuing future hair removal from CORLASE.

Wonderful Experience

"Dana performed the Laser Hair removal on my chin a few years ago, I had such a wonderful luck with the procedure. I am once again in need of hair removal on my chin area and I am now looking for someone in the Springfield/ Dayton/ Columbus Ohio area that uses the same or similar techniques/equipment as her."


Professionalism and Great Personality

" I have felt so comfortable coming to Dana for my hair removal treatments. I really appreciate her professionalism and her great personality. I felt that I get my money 's worth now."


Laser treatments actually work

'I am so happy to have finally found someone whose laser treatments actually work.'

-S.A, Durham, NC

Dana was a delight

'I would highly recommend Corlase Electrolysis & Laser for your permanent hair removal needs. Dana worked with me personally and she was a delight. Laser hair removal really does work. Don't waste time with anybody else. Call her.'

-Todd Edwards, North Carolina

I am very happy with my results…

'I came to Dana (Corlase Electrolysis & Laser) about a year ago wanting laser hair treatment for my full legs. Since my hair was darker and coarser and my lower leg, it worked wonderfully on that area. The upper leg was a little more difficult to treat since the hair is lighter there, although there was success, especially with ingrowns on the backs of my thighs and darker hairs near my bikini line. I followed up the laser treatments with some electrolysis, and I have had wonderful results. Remember, laser claims permanent hair reduction, not total removal! So you may have to follow up with electrolysis afterward, which is a permanent hair removal method. I am very happy with my results…I haven’t shaved my legs once this year. Dana is also very reasonably priced, especially for electrolysis.'

-An Amazed Customer, Cary, NC

She really did a great job shaping

'As a 35 yr old male, I had a unibrow that I was tired of plucking. I wanted it gone. Fortunately, I found Dana. She explained that due to the thickness of my brows, it would probably take a about a year of treatments (once a week initially, then every other week or so) A year has gone and the hair has stopped regrowing between my brows. Now, Dana treats me whenever I’m in town (I moved) and just does “touch up” work. She really did a great job shaping (or I should say, finding the natural shape of my brows). They don’t look artificial or waxed which was one of my big concerns. I was really impressed with Dana’s professionalism in the beginning too- she would explain what she was doing and why she was doing it which was very important to me. What separates Dana from her competition is that she truly knows how her customers feel about the unwanted hair and she enjoys helping them get rid of it and seeing the results.'

-S. Macanga, Raleigh, NC

Corlase Electrolysis & Laser’s laser is a lot less painful

'I have had laser hair removal done at Cary Skin Center. It was a very painful experience and costly. Corlase Electrolysis & Laser’s laser is a lot less painful, quicker and she made sure to treat the area after it was done. She is very knowledgeable, unlike the technician that I had experience with at Cary Skin Center. As far as results, I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend Corlase Electrolysis & Laser Highly.'

-Jessy Roberts, Cary, NC

Highly Skilled, Caring, and Honest

My experience with electrolysis at Corlase Electrolysis & Laser has been unparalleled. Dana is highly skilled, caring, and honest - I trust her assessment of my skin and know she my best interests, not my wallet, in mind. I walk out with minimal skin irritation (if any) and NO scars, pits, etc. I highly recommend Corlase Electrolysis & Laser for permanent hair removal.
 -Monica, NC

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