When you contemplate the cost of laser assisted hair removal, consider what a lifetime of creams, razors and waxing might cost. Consider too, the countless hours lost pursuing a temporary result. We will evaluate your personal situation and provide you with pricing.

Laser treatments are priced according to the size and density of the area being treated. Everyone is different and we feel that a “one size fits all” approach does not benefit our clients.

Typically areas are drastically reduced within 6-8 sessions. Touch-ups can be performed on an as needed basis and we will adjust your pricing according to the density of remaining hair when fitting to your needs.


These are basic prices and do not include the deep discount of treating multiple areas.

Consultation – FREE
Upper lip – $75
Chin – $125
Chin and neck – $145
Chin, neck and lip – $165
Between brows – $65


Womens Full Face – $225
Womens Sideburns – $125
Women’s Breast – $95
Women’s Underarms – $125
Women’s Arms – $185
Women’s Happy Train – $95
Women’s Bikini – $145
Women’s Brazilian – $185-$225
Women’s Full leg – $350
Women’s Lower Leg – $190
Women’s Toes – $75
Women’s Feet – $125

If there is an area not listed, just call us 919-460-1884


Men’s Full Beard & Neck – $245
Men’s Ears – $65
Men’s Full Back & Shoulders – $385
Men’s Fingers – $75
Men’s Hands – $125

All other men’s areas will be determined during free consultation.

You may also call Dana or Andrea with questions at 919-460-1884.